In 1980, Yangchen and Thomas Büchli began importing Tibetan jewelry and handicrafts from Nepal and India. First, these items were sold at the Rosenhof in Zurich and then in a boutique in Baden. After only two years, however, they switched to resale under the name "PEMA Tibetan and Himalayan Handicrafts". For 20 years, the Tibetan and Nepalese articles have been offered under the company name "PEMA OF TIBET". With temporary support by Manuel Graber and the two own children David Tentsü and Tselhamo the tasks are done. // In Nepal, Sonam Sherpa organizes the production-related processes with her winning workforce.


Yangchen Büchli was born in Sikkim as the daughter of Tibetan refugees. After the occupation of Tibet by China, tens of thousands of Tibetans settled in northern India. So does Yangchen Büchli's parents. At the age of 9, Yangchen moved to Switzerland with a large children's group as a foster child, where at age 14 she met her today's partner Thomas Büchli. Together they traveled to India in the late seventies with Yangchen's Tibetan family. On this long journey the desire grew to cultivate the rediscovered roots of Tibetan origin through practical activities. This is how the first trade contacts with partners in India and Nepal came into existence in 1980, which until today have led to close friendly relations and a lively cultural exchange.


"PEMA OF TIBET" has been committed to building reliable partnerships in the Himalayan countries (Tibet, Nepal, Bhutan, India) since the beginning of the business. Most of the products were selected from companies with social and environmental commitment in the region. Nevertheless, the manufactured products have to withstand European market and quality demands.

Today, "PEMA OF TIBET" distinguishes itself particularly with custom-made silver for renowned jewelery designers throughout Switzerland. His silversmiths in Nepal are real artists in producing outstanding jewelry.