silver jewelry

Our friendly silversmiths skillfully make traditional and modified Jewelery forms. The following huge variety of models awaits our customers with us: 300 earrings, 350 finger rings, 50 brooches, 150 bracelets, 50 necklaces, 600 Pendant and amulets, 30 cans and unique in Switzerland over 700 silver beads from India and z.T. from Nepal. Over 90% of this diverse model selection is available from stock.

 Our partners use gemstones of different origin. Most come from Nepal, India and Afghanistan.

producer information

The metals are forged, carved, engraved, Filigranmuster in fine work

inserted. The original work techniques make their own character

of the many unique pieces. The silversmiths of Nepal are mostly members of the

Newar ethnic group. Many families have "their" techniques and techniques for centuries

"Their" own style. The development of new or the modification of traditional forms is therefore always a special challenge.  Produce practically only in the Kathmandu Valley and in small and smallest family businesses. 

For over 10 years, our local staff has ensured that even the many Custom made to the highest quality. That's how we take care of can and can build trusting relationships with our partners and the many producers always developing new products in a very high quality standard.

Silver purity is clearly regulated.

With the responsibility brand we vouch for our silver products. When a Trinket because of many solder joints (such as filigree jewelry) the 925-border only we would stamp it for security reasons with 800. Worked is mostly made with alloyed sterling silver. Also for the non-stamped jewelery parts (pearls) we guarantee a purity of at least 925.

If not Declared differently, custom-made products from our own silversmiths have one Silver standard of 925 on.